Bootcamp Mentorships

Bootcamp Mentorships is a deadline-based program for writers seeking long-term growth, guidance, and accountability in their writing process/routine. The program offers detailed feedback, individual goal setting, reading assignments, weekly email updates, and monthly meetings to discuss writing/goals. If you live outside of Sacramento, all discussions about your work will take place over video conference/Skype.

Submission Deadlines: writers should submit pages at least once a month for the duration of the Bootcamp. If necessary, exercises will be assigned to promote productivity.  While the once-per-month deadline is highly recommended, it is not required. The Bootcamp is merely 150 double-spaced pages long.

Cost: $1,000. This is a significant savings from my per-page rate.

If you are interested in writing guidance without deadlines, I offer a per page rate for short work and a flat fee for book-length manuscripts. Please visit my Writing Coach page for details. To contact me, email valfiora (at) yahoo (dot) com or fill out the contact form below.