Paul Klee’s “Letter Ghost”

2017 Writing Intentions

Use the comments section to submit your writing intentions for 2017. Permit yourself to think big, particularly if you are female ;-).

Here are mine:

In 2017, I will:

  1. Find a home for my second story collection, Bridge & Tunnel.
  2. Complete draft of my novel, Debt.
  3. Find literary journal homes for the four available stories in Bridge & Tunnel.
  4. Work on short memoir/essay pieces, with market focus of NY Times Modern Love & Lives columns and Brevity.





10 responses to “Intentions

  1. Marie Hoffman

    1. Complete a draft manuscript of poetry
    2. Continue working on my novel
    3. Submit any stand alone pieces as I identify them

  2. Brava, Marie, for posting first. Happy 2017 to you!

  3. Russia Chavis

    1. Write 2 short pieces (approximately 400 words) per week, total 8 per month
    2. Write 3 longer essay pieces
    3. Find homes for written pieces in publications like public policy journals, online news outlets, print news papers, etc.

  4. Jeri Howitt

    1. I just read your short story, “Loud Love.” My new years resolution–write something that wonderful.
    2. Find a writing group of experienced literary fiction writers–online or in person.
    3. Keep writing and submitting short stories.
    4. Complete the illustrated children’s book, Che the Rat Lives at the New York Art Museum.

  5. Jeri, I am honored to play a part in your intentions!

  6. 1. Find an agent to represent my work
    2. Pick out a dress to wear to Valerie’s events when Bridge and Tunnel is published.
    3. Write a 3-part cowboy romance series

  7. How about we shop together? A cowboy romance trilogy? As in two cowboys, a la Brokeback?

  8. 1. Complete the “The Artist’s Way.” I’m on Week 2.
    2. Complete my memoir.
    3. Put my poems in one file and see what can be done with them.

  9. My romance is pretty CIS oriented right now. If I dared, as big a fan as I am of Annie Proulx, it would be glorious to imagine an alternative ending fan fiction where Ennis and Jack get to be happy old men together.

  10. 1. Getting unstuck and more deliberate when I am 😃
    2. Write every day 😃
    3. Finish uploading poems to without chasing the uncatchable, bliss of “perfection” 😃

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